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Cat, how long have you been under my sheets?
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Bone cancer on human skull. This gives me shivers.

This is terrifying.


"Bathtubs" by Royal Canoe

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Brazil vs Germany



When you join the army you know you’re joining an organisation where a primary job requirement is “kill people”

as ignorant as you might be about imperialism and racism and the military industrial complex, that’s a thing that you know

really, really, really, fuck…

Shit I guess my grandfather just loooOoOoOved his time in the Falaise Pocket then eh OP?
Because of course post-traumatic stress disorder is a common reaction to doing things you absolutely lOoOoVe.

Narrow-minded hipster piece of shit.

I’d like to say I’m not defending OP here (who clearly has no idea what they’re talking about), but seriously man, if you plan on joining the Forces one day, you better cut the immature bullshit. The only thing you’re doing here, fuckyeahcanadianforces, is making me look bad. You’re making all of us look bad. Be civilized about it.

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Netherlands 0-0 Costa Rica (4-3 pens) [WC 2014 QF] 05/07/2014